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iMobilefixer understands that you depend on your mobile device; iPhone, tablet or laptop to stay connected; it's your life, whether it is for personal or business use, and like a member of your family. Let us help you and your device' return it to back to working order.

Discover the damage

You reach for your Samsung Galaxy phone to make a call, text or tweet reminding your partner to pick up the children from school and find the screen won't respond. There are two minutes before that all important meeting and your iPad won't turn on, or maybe you dropped your iPod while walking to school and of course the impact causes a crack.

Regardless of what's wrong with your device, we have the expert technicians to repair it fast. Free diagnostics and estimates, get your evaluation and iMobilefixer will advise you of what repairs are needed.

Check us out

Visit our website and check out the prices, find the repair service you need. Not sure what's broken? Choose free diagnostics and our experts will help you understand what's needed to fix your device.. If you'd rather talk, give us a call.

Bring it in, walk it in, drive it in, take the bus, ship it in

Our store is located 1 mile from the Chery Hill Mall, conveniently located, for directions click here


Include a note with your name and work order number or use a printed copy of your order. This ensures that we correctly and efficiently match your device to our records. After your device is removed from its packaging, we test it out, make a note of any apparent issues and update your order status to Device Received. For your peace of mind an e-mail will be sent confirming.


After receipt of your mobile device, it your device diagnostics will be run by our expert technicians. When all results have been collected we will contact you to advise.

Repair Approval

You're in control. If your device is sent in for a diagnosis and you have prepaid for a repair we will precede with the repair. If you have not prepaid we need your authorization before completing repair

Device Repaired

A qualified, trained technician will complete repairs on your device. Repairs are prioritized by the date the repairs are approved, and then by date received.

Device Returned

You pick it up, or we will ship to you. It's up to you.

iMobilefixer uses an automated work order system that keeps you informed. Professional repair/evaluation process is perfected! Our hard –working and honest team knows that your device is a part of your day-to-day life and will be diligent in returning it to you in perfect, working condition.

Should we receive your product and find unrevealed issues, or it takes time to receive repair approval, or perhaps we're busier than usual, the process may take longer to complete. No worries, as you'll have complete access to your order and repair progress.

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Android, Samsung, Galaxy
  • Motorola, Blackberry
  • Nokia, HTC, LG
  • Laptop, Mac, PC

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