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Dated 02-18-2014

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iPod Classic

iPod Classic 6th Gen (includes parts and labor)

iPod Classic 6th Gen Battery Replacement$49
iPod Classic 6th Gen Click Wheel Assembly Replacement $49
iPod Classic 6th Gen Glass & LCD Replacement$99
iPod Classic 6th Gen Glass/Front Housing Replacement$49
iPod Classic 6th Gen Headphone Jack Replacement$49
iPod Classic 6th Gen LCD Replacement$49

iPod Touch 5th Generation (includes parts and labor)

iPod Touch 5th Gen Glass/Digitizer & LCD Replacement $169
iPod Touch 5th Gen Home Button Repair $69
iPod Touch 5th Gen Battery Replacement$99
iPod Touch 5th Gen Camera Replacement $69

iPod Touch 4th Generation (includes parts and labor)

iPod Touch 4 Digitizer & LCD$59

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Android, Samsung, Galaxy
  • Motorola, Blackberry
  • Nokia, HTC, LG
  • Laptop, Mac, PC

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